About Us

Quantum's Mission

We strive to provide our customers with flexible, reliable, innovative design solutions; quality products and systems, as well as, efficient on time projects within budget.


Management leadership is derived from experience. Quantum's knowledge of proven processes, systems and project implementation allows you to benefit from our experience. Success does not have to come at an outrageous price. Our ability to supply you with top quality engineering management and services at a fixed monthly expense helps you control your bottom line.

Minimizing Risk

Quantum has vendor relationships with many major equipment and software manufacturers. Our working relationships can provide you with the cooperation to meet urgent deadlines as well as providing you with cost savings, cost avoidances and cost reductions.

Proprietary Processes

What would it be like to manufacture without the competition hot on your profits? Our multi-discipline engineering team will help put products, equipment, machines, systems and processes back on line and front and center. Once we perform a decomposition of what makes your manufacturing processes tick, we'll uncover the improvements that are unexplored and untouched by your competitors.


When you require knowledge, expertise and agility, without the increased overhead, Quantum can achieve your goal. Simply put, Quantum has the capability to serve your entire project and engineering service needs. If you need assistance with a specific problem or application, please call us. We would be happy to visit your facility and discuss your requirements.
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